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Art and music have always been an important part of my life, and a way for me to express my inner world, my thoughts, emotions, and visions. From a young age I was drawn to different forms of art and creativity, especially painting, singing, and dancing. I’ve always tried to find my own voice and my unique way of expressing myself.

As I grew older, I studied painting, singing, and guitar playing.
I tried to remain true to myself and to connect to my own pure essence and creative expression, despite different challenges and critique that I received from the outside.

Later on I travelled to India, Thailand, Brazil, and Peru, searching for my spiritual path and for my connection with my higher self. I went deep into the study of self-knowledge, tantra, yoga, meditation, and Shamanism. During my travels, I found that music and painting were a natural way for me to connect to the divine and to express what I was experiencing in my meditations and journies with plant medicines.

Kavita prem office

In the last years I’ve given some painting workshops where I guided others how to create their own mandala paintings, accompanied by live and recorded music. I’ve participated in a few group exhibitions in Sweden, Israel, and Vienna.

I also host mantra singing circles with my partner in our home once a month, as well as accompanying yoga classes with mantra singing. Occasionally I perform with my songs at different events. Last year I had my first concert with a friend in Brazil.

My aim with my art and music is to share my inner visions, and to bring healing and beauty to the world. I hope to touch people’s hearts and to help them to connect with their own pure essence of being.

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