Mandala Mantra

These paintings are shaped as mandalas, the spiritual symbol of the circle. This symbol represents wholeness and moving through the cycles of life and reincarnation. It is also about centering and coming back home to our true selves. Inside the mandalas I incorporate mantras and songs from different traditions and languages that I connect to. For me this is not about belonging to any specific religion, but rather about connecting to my higher self and to the universal truth and love that exist inside of me.

Chakra mandalas

2020 Designs

Visionary Art Paintings

In 2018 I studied acrylic painting with Autumn Skye at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art (Vava). Since then I have returned to painting larger pieces on canvas after a long break, developing my technique as well as my own personal style.  Last year I also completed another painting course with Lilian Kolster at the academy, as well as an online course with Amanda Sage. 

My style is still being born, it is the style of visionary art and inspired by nature, fairy-tales, shamanism, and includes elements such as spirit animals, sacred geometry, fantastic realism, and spiritual concepts.

Art Commissions

I am available to create a unique mandala painting designed just for you. You would be a full part of the creation process all along, until the mandala is truly an expression of you and what you are looking for. If you wish, I can also work with a mantra or a line from a song that resonates with you and inspires you. I would weave the mantra/song into the mandala painting.

I love making commissioned artwork, it is such a special and fun experience every time! I feel that I really get to know the person and it is deeply satisfying for me to create something for someone else.


For it is in giving that you receive

-St. Francis

This personalized mandala painting can be used for your personal meditation altar / yoga room in your home, or anywhere where you feel it fits. I am also available to make a wall mandala painting for your retreat center or yoga studio, a music album cover, a special gift for a loved one, etc. I am here to help make your dreams and visions manifest as art. If you are interested, please contact me for more info and we can discuss payment options and all the details of your vision for this painting.
Below are some examples of commissioned artwork I’ve done in the past:

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