Mandala Painting Workshops

In the past I have offered different kinds of painting workshops, focused on creating your own mandala painting, accompanied by meditation, live and recorded music.

While it may be true that some people have more of a tendency towards visual arts and maybe have that area more developed, I believe that everyone is an artist at heart, and that we just need to reconnect to that place within us. I also feel that being creative together with others, in a supportive and loving environment, helps us to express ourselves with less self-criticism and more self-love and acceptance. Mandala painting is an amazing tool to help us to go inwards, relax, and enjoy creativity and self-expression.

Mandala Workshop at Yoga Mela Festival in Sweden

Mantra Singing Circles

Together with my partner Hannes Svanqvist, we have been offering mantra singing circles

in our home in Gothenburg, Sweden, since 2017.

We both love to sing and share our devotion and knowledge of mantras with others.

Our aim is to create a sacred, safe, and relaxing space, in which everyone can feel free to go inwards and express through their voice. We feel that being together in this way,

we can create beauty and healing, and bring more joy into our lives.

We also accompany yoga classes with live mantra singing, as well as performing in festivals and different events, mostly around Sweden.

circle flow winter solstice 2019
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